Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Hello 2011

oh MY god
it is like ages i didn't drop by to my blog 
i couldn't even spare some of my time to just do some quick update on my blog 
tsk tsk tsk see how busy am i *big sigh*
i dunno where to start on and what to write about 
just wanna wish everyone a good year ahead and stay healthy forever =)

Saturday, November 20, 2010


It's been ages since my last post.
hardly remember what is happening for the past few months.
times fly so fast and it's come to the month of eleven.
yay yay Im going for trips on dec cant wait for it=)
gonna go beaches and get the sun burn on me yay yay
hmmmm nothing else i wanna blog about wait till im back from those trips then i guess i will have much more to blog yay yay=)

Saturday, July 24, 2010

my lovely bali trip ♥

♥ 8.7.10 ~ 11.7.10 ♥
went to bali with sista and her fren
here go the picturesssssssss

part of the picturessssss, more in my fb =)

Monday, July 5, 2010

my weekend getaway

getting away from the hectic city and spend my quality time with love at the beach side is the best
i should have this kinda outing more often=)
here we go sepang gold coast and seremban

 monkey and lil babi always come along with us =)
yummy yummy session=)
love seremban "xiu hai" so much
the end

Thursday, July 1, 2010

the midnight

i don't why im awake at this hour??
went to sleep at 12 just now
and im awake now
can anyone tell me what is going on with me??
i get so pissed off recently
i don't why it happened to be like this
this kinda temper nearly never come to me for the past 2 year
and i seriously don't why it is back to hunt me again
i hate the feeling so much it will come to me whenever im talking to him

just like the one that day while waiting for the match at pelita
i get so pissed off suddenly
i just feel like throwing away the things around me and walk off
i can feel the heat inside my heart at the moment it is like burning in the fire
all i want is just go home and cry out loud
i couldn't remember when was the last time i getting so pissed off
it should be 2 years back sigh

after the day my temper keep on goes on
there is a feeling asking me dont talk to him anymore
whenever im on the phone with him i will get real pissed off half way through the conversation
i don't why it will be like this
i hate the feeling so so so much
whenever i started to feel mad i will try to tell myself not to
but in the end it will be pissing off like a thunderstorm
the feeling just make me hate him even more
make me pissed off at him even more
make me feel like he is hiding something from me
make me think of whatever bad things about him
i hate it so much
sigh, sigh, sigh
now that im awake i feel like missing him more
i dont understand my heart i don't what she want actually
i have been trying hard to communicate with her but i failed
i don't wanna walk the wrong path and regret in my life

Saturday, June 19, 2010

♥ ♥ ♥

love to blog so much recently
been addicted to this bloggy thinggy
the reason must be me having a happy live and i wanna write it out =)
have been spending most of my precious time with mohs and love 
till i dont even able to spare some time to entertain my friend
this is such a sadness thing
they have been waiting for the yum cha till their neck grow lonngggggg as i always ffk them
sorry =)
ffk them for many time already seem like i seriously need to find some time to yum cha with them already
wheeeeeeeeeeeee cant wait for the 38 yum cha session

have come across this weird feeling inside my heart
it seem like growing stronger and stronger, deeper and deeper day by day
this is so not me, i couldn't imagine myself loving you so much
this might be due to the reason that i have been spending most of my time with you till i cant imagine my day without you
this is very much like drowning in the love OMG
oppssss brain stuck again dunno what else to continue
im so in love now
love every single day of me to the max
gonna update soon

i love to spend my every single day with my love so much =)
i love you so much

Monday, June 14, 2010

♥ my lovely saturday ♥

teman em had her late lunch at din tai fung
my em aka fat bunny
my super busy ceo 
and of cuz me and the little one
the little babi gemuk always come along with us
dessert time at snowflakes
some random pictures 
the end =)